A POETRY SAMPLER by Donald-Ed. Hall


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From Shakespeare to Eliot, from Chaucer to Robert Frost, over 200 poems have been assembled with only a bare outline of organization that is difficult to discern and at times entirely invisible. the editor's two or three line comments attempt to justify the order. Poets are moved by many things, we are told -- Wordsworth by London, Carew by Spring. Thus one poem follows the other. Later Worthworth will appear again in another dubious comparison. Some poems, Ulysees and My last Duchess (no less) appear with no comment at all -- others are followed or preceded (whichever the editor fancies) by remarks. High school students need a better organized, less haphazard approach to the classic and great modern poets of the English language. A definite disappointment despite its scope.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Watts