PAMELA FOX by Dorothea Malm


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Still in the aftermath of Forever Amber, Duchess Hotspur, etc.- this is a story of the 18th century and that period when love conquered all, sex was not too tightly bodiced, and a lady named Pamela Fox made a spirited pursuit of handsome, heartless Richard Greve. Both moneyless, Richard leaves for America after marrying wealthier, homelier Maria Allerton, and Pamela, after escaping imprisonment by an aunt, follows Richard to America where she shares home and husband with Maria. With too great a conscience to continue this adultery, Pamela leaves for England, marries- in name only- a shipboard acquaintance, and when Maria dies, is free to return to Richard... A dilution of a favorite formula- for rent.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1947
Publisher: Prentice-Hall