WINTERWOOD by Dorothy Eden


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The plot is as archaic as the dialogue. There's only an archly contrived mystery to offset the mold. Lovely Lavinia Hurst has fallen into evil times. Victim of a fate cruel, she is forced into a position as hired companion to young crippled Flora. Actually it's not too bad. She allowed herself to be seduced into the job on a moonlight gondola ride in Venice with Flora's father, an attractive if misunderstood man. But then she does have to put up with Flora's mother's mysterious ""attacks"" and the unwanted attentions from the stranger Justin Blake. They all proceed to Winterwood, an estate controlled by Great Aunt Tamerson who is taking her time about dying. The irascible aunt finds a kindred spirit in the outspoken Flora. She wills her the estate to the mutual distress of mother Charlotte and cousin Justin. Then Lavinia discovers an attempt on Flora's life, a mysterious drug floating around the house, and things get more involved until letters begin arriving--from the dead aunt... Sticky feminine, veddy British and as predictable as the audience.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1967
Publisher: Coward-McCann