HOW THE WORLD BEGAN by Dorothy- Illus.


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Dorothy is the daughter of author Michael Straight. When she was 4 years old, a pre-kindergarten pupil, her school put on a production of Noyc's Fludde in the Benjanwin Britten adaptation. This is thought to be responsible for some of her ideas in her book. When her mother asked, ""Who made the world?"" and insisted on an answer, Dorothy told the story and made the illustrations in this book all in one evening. Her art work is in the mainstream of the Kindergarten approach to paint and paper -- totally refreshing use of color and a wild approximation of shape. Her concept of God's activities during the Creation are nothing if not complete -- after inventing the jungle and its wild animals, he went on to pins and thread, birds and bees. The importance children place on the familiar and the furniture of their surroundings comes through in Dorothy's words and pictures.

Publisher: Pantheon