THE BLOODY BOZEMAN: The Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold by Dorothy Johnson

THE BLOODY BOZEMAN: The Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold

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Another in the American Trail series on famous roads and byways, The Bloody Bozeman recounts the early days of the Montana gold rush, nugget by nugget. Marked out by John Bozeman and John Jacobs in 1862 as a shortcut into the Montana gold fields, the trail lasted until 1868 though Indian raids made it practically unusable after 1866. Eventually the trail was abandoned, along with its three army forts (under terms of a treaty made by the government with Red Cloud) but it served its purpose well as white settlers arrived in Montana in increasing numbers. Miss Johnson covers the trail until its closing, giving us picturesque anecdotes about the pioneers who used it; and when the Indians hit the warpath, she's there to record every tomahawken' detail. But one does wish that she hadn't tried to cover so much -- the highlights often get scalped by the incidental chatter.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1971
ISBN: 0878421521
Publisher: McGraw-Hill