DEVIL MAKES A THIRD by Douglas Fields Bailey


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The story of a vigorous, lusty, lawless man, questionable in his motives, and of the development of an important city from a hick town following the turn of the century- this has feeling both for period and for the deep South, that is reflected in speech and incidents. 18-year old Buck Bannon, fed up with Alabama farming, heads for Aven to trade his way to fortune and grudging fame. He provides for his family but cannot dominate his mother. His marriage crashes when he keeps up his wenching. He fears no one, buys and sells where he pleases, benefits his town while flaunting its laws. As Mayor, he profits further- while criticism mounts -- and his new wife, Lota, watches him widen the web of his political interests. A fire makes him town hero as well as town strong man. A man's novel rather than a woman's-rough going for delicate tastes.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1948
Publisher: Dutton