YOUTH -- MILLIONS TOO MANY? by Dr. Bruce Melvin


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A survey of youth and its problems, and a valuable contribution to a moot question today. As Mrs. Roosevelt aptly says:- ""Whether we solve our economic problems depends again on our cooperation with youth."" City, farm, school and factory, all are studied; youth employed and unemployed, at play and at work. The author shows what agencies have done to assist youth, and where and how the government has helped with the C.C.C. and the National Youth Administration, and he analyzes and presents these organizations in all their facets. He gives the ideals and purposes of the Youth Congress, along with the constitution, and brings evidence to prove that the dangerous elements have been magnified by unfortunate -- and unsound -- publicity. He puts up to youth the challenge to help themselves, to blaze new trails through the tragic underbrush and open a way to a better America. He brings to his study the background of his work in the Research Department of the W.P.A., deep sympathy and high idealism. Here is a book that answers many of the questions puzzling us today about where youth stands, and what can be done to help.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1940
Publisher: Association Press Y. M. C. A.