THE SECOND FORTY YEARS by Dr. Edward Stieglitz


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A physical approach to the second half of life, which does not stoop to the psycho-popularization of say, the Pitkin books, and is perhaps less of a booster shot for that type of public. However, this is an intelligent discussion of aging, the biological and physiological evidence of senescence, what can be expected and what can be done about it. Here are the common health hazards for the man and woman over forty, the chronic progressive disorders which require preventative care, the importance of leisure and rest, the values of intellectual and emotional maturation,- the questions of diet, sex. Here also is the fact that with the increased life expectancy today, longevity is not enough- nor the final aim- but constructive health practices must be a concomitant. Valid, valuable professional advice to the layman, if he is interested.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1946
Publisher: Lippincott