MAN: In Structure and Function by Dr. Fritz Kahn

MAN: In Structure and Function

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In 1939 Knopf published Dr. Kahn's comprehensive volume, Our Sex Life, Now comes this tremendous physiology, a two volume work, intended for the layman. There is fascinating material here, though -- with the speed of advance brought on by the war, in matters of treatment of certain ailments, it seems to have notable gaps. However, as a basic text on the subject, it leads over any other physiology of which I happen to be aware. The first section traces back the history of science from electron to man. Then successive sections deal with the skeleton, the muscles, the circulation of the blood, respiration, digestion, nutrition, the nervous system, the skin and sensory organs, and sex life. But it is in its handling and in the extraordinarily interesting pictures that this book makes its unique contribution. For Dr. Kahn, though sometimes overwriting, sometimes lush in details, has a faculty for dramatizing dull subjects and for making analogies that clarify obscure functions of the body by comparing them to normal activities in life. The text has been revised by American authorities, and should meet a real need today, with more people than ever before serving as nurses' aids, doing home nursing and so on. An excellent text for refresher courses in nursing. An important reference book for public libraries.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1942
Publisher: Knopf