FROM NAZI SOURCES by Dr. Fritz Sternberg
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This is one of the most exciting books I have read, a book which actually says something new, and quotes sources within the Nazi state for the data. Unemotionally, objectively, he surveys the situation in Germany, in Italy, in Russia, in Poland, in Great Britain and in France, as to supplies of raw materials, -- iron, oil, coal; as to food, in reserve and in potential developments. He goes into the financial aspects, the credit, without the countries and within, the monetary status. He studies imports, exports, and available sources of supplies. And he proves -- through the words of Nazi officials -- that ""Hitler Can't Win"" -- that his defeat will be on the lack of oil, of iron, of food -- and of support within German nation. He shows that where the last war ended with food cards, this war starts with them. He proves, it seems conclusively, that Russia has not tapped enough of her confessedly vast resources, to export what Germany needs, nor will she sell without assurance of payment, even to an ally. Perhaps it is unneutral to say that this is a heartening book!

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1939
Publisher: Alliance