THE COLOR TEST by Dr. Max & Ian Scott Luscher


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Dr. Luscher developed this Color Test based on eight colors (there is a more extensive version) to determine ""deep"" psychological motivations and it is intended for professionals only which is probably just as well. It consists of four primary colors along with four which are auxiliary and which in conjunction with each other and a scoring system of = - x ! (if you have too many of the latter you can phase yourself right out) will calibrate your ""conscious and unconscious characteristics."" Grey is the most negative color but then some of Dr. Luscher's explications couldn't be greyer: ""Exhaustibility makes itself apparent in the test by a deterioration of the unity of the work-group from 1st to 2nd selection and particularly by a pronounced movement towards the rear of one or more of the three work-group colors, especially the red and the green."" The test is not intended as a ""parlor"" game people play though there may be certain indulgers. Others may be seeing red, or will lapse into the anomie of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1969
Publisher: Random House