ASK ME NO QUESTIONS by Drasls Orange
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Likely and likable feminine fare in an intelligent, alert, often amusing and better-than-rental story of marital and maternal concerns against the background of the war in England. Caroline, is a spoiled, irresponsible young matron, leaves London to stay with an old friend. Constance. Constance is a vicar's daughter with a beast of a husband, and her attention is concentrated on the baby of a Cockney woman, also an evacuee in her household. The story centers around Constance's frustrated maternity, and Caroline's temporary romantic aberrations, and at the close Constance loses her good-for-nothing husband and gets the baby, and Caroline returns contentedly to her husband in London. Again not a book for all tastes, perhaps, but good reading. Evacuess may be an overworked theme in England, but here, in Miss Orange's capable hands, is a fresh and appealing story for the D.E. Stevenson market.

Pub Date: July 23rd, 1941
Publisher: Morrow