LAST MAN OFF WAKE ISLAND by Dt. Col. Walter J. Bayler
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Of the moment reading, from the headlines, this ringside seat account of three theatres of this war. route from the Philippines, Bayler was at Wake when the news of Pearl Harbor came through, and was a part of that brave stand until his orders came to move on, to Midway, just a day and a half before the island fell. The ""softening up"" by the Japs, that did not work, the four planes that defended the Island, which soon were only two, the unceasing valor of the handful of Marines and civilians that withstood repeated air and naval onslaughts, make vivid, proud reading. At Midway, more of the same, relentless, daring action against the enemy, then on to Ewa, where a leave took him to his wife in Hawall. Then on to Guadalcanal, highest spot of many a high spot, where ""heroes were a dime a dozen"", and where the daily record of attack, repulse, and existence under fire continued. A radio expert of the Marines, installing radio communications and plane detector equipment, Bayler has many a story of air battles as he heard it over his earphones, gives entertaining highlights on individuals from personal knowledge. A grand book for men.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1943
Publisher: Bobbs Marrill