CRUSADE IN EUROPE by Dwight D. Eisenhower
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This stands head and shoulders above the other records of fighting men, in its simplicity, clarity, and the illumination it throws on the basic human relations of the men at the top. In his Mormandy to the Baltic, Montgomery wrote:- ""We are still too close to the events to attempt a critical analysis of the campaign."" The same could be said of this book, but in spite of that General Eisenhower manages to convey a sense of objective surveying of the forging of victory over the Germans. This is the real inside story of the war in Europe, not in terms of jealousy and back-biting and gossip mongering, but in terms of its planning, its diplomacy, its action and its victorious ending. More than that, it is revealing of the greatness, the modesty, the statesmanship of one of America's truly great men. This is more than a soldier's story. It is the story of America's contribution to victory, of the splendid cooperation of the allies, of campaigns in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. It is a tribute to the men who fought on various fronts under the most trying conditions. It is a picture of the destruction and horror of war. It is a plea for preparedness to forestall and prevent, if possible, a future war, or at least to be strong in case of war. It is an appraisal of what democracies can do when united. It is a fair analysis of the Russian colossus. It is the innermost story of a great Crusader and the book is worthy of the man.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1948
ISBN: 080185668X
Publisher: Doubleday