IN CHRIST by E. Stanley Jones
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Many men and women for many years have come to look to E. Stanley Jones for a steady supply of devotional exposition of the Bible by which their own spiritual life is strengthened. He is uniquely able to penetrate quietly but deeply into the heart of a passage, and then deftly apply its message and meaning to the lives of his readers by clear illustration. This book, In Christ, maintains the high standard of his devotional writing. Nothing that the phrase ""in Christ"" is found 172 times in the New Testament, he reminds us that every thought, every aspiration, every act, all one's possessions, all one's relationships, are either ""In Christ"" or ""outside Christ"". Being ""in Christ"" leads to eternal life--""outside Christ"" to eternal death. For each day of the year he explores this truth, a page a day, which takes only about five minutes to read. Many Protestant Christians will be waiting for this book.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1961
Publisher: Abingdon Press