NIXON: A Personal Portrait by Earl & Stephen Hess Mazo

NIXON: A Personal Portrait

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Nixon's term as a burnt-out political meteor may have come to an end. In any event, these authors hope he will turn out to be a ""political Lazarus."" Hess, a writer of political histories (The Republican Establishment, done with David Broder) with a penchant for collaborating with political reporters, and Mazo, a political reporter who publicized the alleged poll frauds in the 1960 Presidential campaign, here team up to write a readable campaign biography. Definitely not a ""personal portrait,"" the book is a subtly whitewashed chronology of Nixon's political career. It begins with his first high school election (he lost) and continues to the present with very brief interim segments on his family and hi wooing of a wife (he proposed on the first date). The book's sales may well depend on whether the reborn candidate does turn out to be a Lazarus. But considering his early start, at fifty-five he is already a political Methuselah.

Pub Date: July 31st, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row