GAME FOR THREE LOSERS by Edgar Lustgarten
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Back to the explicit exposition of his earlier One More Unfortunate and Blondie this traces the moral and physical destruction of the three involved in the crime of blackmail. For popular M. P. Robert E. Hilary, after dates with his new secretary, Frances, succumbs, through fear of scandal, to the threats of Marchant, Frances' lover who poses as her brother, and honors which formerly brought happiness now bring affliction as Merchant strikes each time Hilary's career is advanced. Under this mental torture, Hilary's health goes and he turns to the law, at first protected by anonymity, but later publicly ruined as Merchant refuses to accept the verdict of guilty and Hilary is forced to appear in court. A precise examination of the pathetic lunacy of the damned, this offers intelligent interpretation of the results of crime on the victim and the criminals.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1952
Publisher: Scribner