TIM TO THE LIGHTHOUSE by Edward Ardizzone


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More bare-faced bravado as Tim and Charlotte and Ginger, skippered by Captain McFee, rush to the lighthouse (in the middle of the night, in a storm) to discover why the light isn't shining and find the keeper and his mate Ernie unconscious. Ernie, recovering briefly, gasps out the explanation--""Wreckers!""--and instructions for switching on the light. Ginger takes off to get help from the coastguard in case the wreckers--who've lighted a decoy to lure ships on the rocks--return, which they do, threatening Tim in vain for the formula to douse the light. But the big liner passes safely and the coastguard comes to the rescue: the ""desperate villains"" are ""foiled again."" As usual, unwavering aplomb and instant competence make Tim and Co. universal heroes, and there's the bonus of an antique lighthouse to look over.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1968
ISBN: 1845075625
Publisher: Walck