TIME AT THE TOP by Edward Ormondroyd


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The author of David and the Phoenix (1957, p. 583, J-207) has created a magic story about a little girl, Susan Shaw, who pushes the 7th floor button in the elevator, and finds herself in the world of 1881, instead of 1960. Susan almost unquestioningly accepts this strange gift; twice she goes to the golden land of damp grasses, where people are unhurried. Then she convinces her widowed father to go with her, and they walk into the elevator, never to be seen again. Years later, someone who had known the father and his little girl, sees an old brown photograph, and recognizes Susan and her father, now partially hidden by an awesome mustache. The story is written with a lightness of touch which will make it enjoyable for those with an inclination towards fantasy. The scattered, detailed pen and ink sketches capture the mood of the tale.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1963
ISBN: 1930900198
Publisher: Parnassus Press