CATCH A WHALE BY THE TAIL by Edward R. Ricciuti


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To get a mate for lonely white whale Robert, the aquarium curator and keepers fly to the North, set out in canoes and plunge into the water to--guess!--catch a whale by the tail (""The Whale needs its tail to swim. If the men hold tight, the whale cannot get away."") How she's flown back in frigid water, lowered into the pool and finally finds Robert clack, clacking at the fence will tickle youngsters as much as it has intrigued their parents in the newspapers. The Pictures of the people are a little off--the keepers overshadow the curator who's supposed to come first, the three can't be distinguished from one another (though they're individuated), the Eskimos and Indians can't be distinguished from them--but the whales are quite personable. Along with Robert and Roberta, a little generic information--and the tip that ""soon there may be a baby whale in the big tank."" Science cum sentiment but not sticky.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1969
Publisher: Harper & Row