ACAPULCO GOLD by Edwin Corley


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This is the third one of Corley's flammable commercial novels (Siege; The Jesus Factor) opening up in the advertising offices of Morton, Keyes & Cooper which has just undergone the loss of Coronet cigarettes and gained Jean Patrick, a Nader-type Raider out of Northwestern University on her first field trip. But all is not just as it seems; Haney, head man of Coronet, is actually interested in launching the first (about-to-be) legalized marijuana cigarette, Acapulco Gold, while Jean, prim little Jean, is only too anxious to personally demonstrate it with Michael Evans, of the agency, whose account it is. Even if Jean has her problems (no breast, a mastectomy, and no conscience, probably congenital) this has a lot of juiced up sex suggesting that like acapulco gold this ""product may be used to secure same effects as liquor."" Even more cheaply? Still the advertising procedures are factored with an aggressive ease.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1972
Publisher: Dodd, Mead