I SPEAK FOR MYSELF An Editor in his World by Edwin F. Edgett

I SPEAK FOR MYSELF An Editor in his World

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This is primarily a book for Boston and environs -- and for those who stem from Boston and have traditions of New England, of the old Transcript, of books and the theatre. In this leisurely, meandering account of his life, from the mellow viewpoint of 73, one gets a full length portrait of the author, and glimpses of many notables who people his life. Family background, early experiences in writing, schooling -- and then the desired position on the Transcript, shortly after graduation. Forty years of service -- paralleling work as publicity agent for Frohman and Hackett, in Boston, and for Boston theatres. Gently told reminiscences, with excursions into bypaths; appreciations of his friends and associates; journeys down, discussions on book reviewing, on make-up, genial sketches of Harvard faculty members, remembrances of the Boston Museum, the various theatres, the leading authors and actors. All told, a very human book.

Publisher: Macmillan