DEERLOVER by E.H. Creeth


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An animal rights activist terrorizes most of Michigan, picking off deer hunters in an attempt to scare all hunters away forever. There's more to retired schoolteacher Robinson Jay than meets the eye. A mild-mannered fellow, he's up from Ohio to join the thousands of hunters who have arrived in Northern Michigan to swill liquor, abuse prostitutes, and take their quota of deer. But Jay is after men. He has set himself a quota of a hunter a day for the length of the season, and he's having pretty good luck. To what end? Well, Jay was once married to the sweetest, loveliest woman, who loved animals and taught Jay to love them, too--as long as they weren't loathsome humans. So, now that his wife is dead, it's Jay's mission in life to wipe out deer hunting. But, as it turns out, just dropping hunters in the field isn't having the effect he wants. It's too easy to confuse the carnage with the usual occupational hunting hazards. Jay, realizing he needs public relations help, anonymously contacts a Detroit news woman. Within days the entire Badger State knows all about ""Deerlover,"" the avenger of ungulates. Hunters cancel their reservations; Jay's message attracts disciples; and his personal life takes an upswing as he takes up with a battered prostitute. Until, that is, Jay wanders into a clever trap set by the brother of one of his victims. Jay's goals may be admirable, but he is such a creep and there is so little suspense that his crusade seems endless.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1987
Publisher: Foul Play Countryman