JULIA'S MAGIC by Eleanor Cameron
Kirkus Star


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That Julia Redfern! Here she's a little younger than when last seen but just as sparkly and full of life. The story pivots on a single incident--she accidentally breaks one of her aunt's perfume bottles--and its unfortunate complications: Hulda the housekeeper is blamed. Before things are set straight, Julia has a disturbing dream (as signifying as the one in That Julia Redfern, 1982), takes a streetcar by herself, then gets lost and knocked down by bullies while trying to find Hulda's house across town. Though baffled by the mysteries of adult behavior, Julia at six is an astute observer who already knows to be wary of nosy neighbors and reserve her better self for better times--during Uncle Hugh's tailored revelations about his bachelor days or Aunt Alex's confession of a childhood wrongdoing far worse than Julia's. As before, Cameron conveys the untidy contours of family life with a sure hand, and offers in the irrepressible Julia a disarming, always likable young girl.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1984
Publisher: Dutton