MISS GRANBY'S SECRET or The Bastard of Pinsk by Eleanor Farjeon
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MISS GRANBY'S SECRET or The Bastard of Pinsk

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This for your specials (remember the market you had for Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion -- that sort of thing). Excellent invention, framed-trick stuff in the best tradition, and more than mere pleasant entertainment. In fact, one's own curiosity is piqued and one wonders how much Miss Farjeon is having sport with her audience.... A niece, baffled by her Aunt's 49 novels and her insistence on retaining her unworldliness, in spite of her niece's offer to enlighten her, comes across hints of a youthful romance. On her Aunt's death, she inherits diaries, albums, an unpublished romance, which she thinks is the key to it all, and which is given in full in the text. The Bastard of Pinsk is a gem of period flavor and writing, and the character of Aunt Addie is in line with the best of knowledgeable Victorians. Refreshingly original. Don't miss it.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1941
Publisher: Simon & Schuster