CHRISTOPHER AND HIS TURTLE by Eleanor Frances Lattimore


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The author of Indigo Hill has written another appealing little story for small children about a busy morning excursion of a five-year-old in New Orleans. Christopher, confined to his home on St. Bemis Street under the watchful eye of Queen, the maid, while his big brother Larry traveled to school, slips out with his turtle, Merry Christmas, to entertain a wide-eyed little girl across the street -- also wistfully yearning beyond home boundaries. But the straight line to Antonia's house degenerates into a very wiggly line as Christopher is plunged into the bustling sounds, smells and colors of town. A mix-up with a line of school children, some new acquaintances, a horrid moment when his turtle is snatched up by a pigeon, a lunch with a nice lady and a baby -- all this Christopher accepts with interested concern. Finally the adventurer is returned and big brother and Christopher visit Antonia. A happy, fresh little book with piquant sketches by the author. Possible for second year reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1950
Publisher: Morrow