THROW ME A BONE by Eleanor Lothrop
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Neither cumbersomely coy nor pretending what it is not, this is an archeologist's wife talking out loud about her own abysmal ignorance of her husband's profession, and of the way of life she had chosen in her marriage -- and of her processes of learning. From the social background of her youth- to Chile, Guatemala, Panama diggings, learning not only about Tom's work, but about ways of living other than the upholstered, comfortable ones she had known, she acquires a vast acquaintance with fleas, bedbugs, inhospitable hotels, unfriendly camp sites, Indians of all kinds. In working for the Museum of the American Indian, the Heye Foundation, the Lothrops dug for evidence, proofs, remnants of lost civilizations, and- after a series of boners- Eleanor too became absorbed in the life. There's a bit of doctoring, feuds waged against them, new friends, social and professional experiences, and the whole adds up to a thoroughly informative and hugely entertaining reading experience.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1948
ISBN: 1406773468
Publisher: Whittlesey