YOU LEARN BY LIVING by Eleanor Roosevelt


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In this straightforward and sensible book, Mrs. Roosevelt sets down what might be called her basic philosophy of life. She has done this partially, she says, in answer to the many letters she receives from people asking her, in connection with their own problems, what she has learned from life. To begin with she says the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost and to understand it. In the long run she believes people shape their own lives and themselves. Drawing on her own experience -- as the shy, timid child, as a young mother, the wife of the President, or later, as a public figure in her own right -- she discusses the rearing of children, how to best use one's time, the endless process of adjusting to life, learning to be useful, achieving a balance between individualism and conformity, dealing with other people, taking part in politics and learning to be a public servant. Mrs. Roosevelt has written a frank, and practical book which, no doubt, will be a source of comfort and inspiration to her many admirers.

Publisher: Harper