THE OFFCOMERS by Elfrida Vipont


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Two English children, Jane and Robert, prepare, with many misgivings, fora Christmas visit from distant American cousins-- they'll be snobbish, they'll praise all things American; the two Americans, Betsy and Steve, set out for Blea Head with equal misgivings-- they'll be snobbish, they'll praise all things British. Despite patience and planning by Jane and Robert's mother, relations are strained and tempers snap until familiarity brings understanding and a shared adventure seals the bond. The ""offcomers,"" Betsy and Steve, are ready to welcome their parents with ""It's a proper grand place, is Blea Head--it is, an' all:"" The outcome is predictable, but the passage of four typically touchy, typically kind-hearted youngsters from animosity to amity is accomplished with realistic restraint and a cheery style. This is for younger children (third-fourth grade) than the books of Barbara Willard, but the quality is similar.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1967
Publisher: McGraw-Hill