RETURN TO SPRING by Elinor Mordaunt


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Rather intense, dramatic story of a second marriage, but the morbid neuroticism of the husband and his family seems to me overdone, with the reaction one of exaggeration rather than credibility at times. When Caroline marries Bertram Field, she hopes to find security and a chance to be of service to an older, frailer man. But she sees her husband as he really is, when they go to live in the sinister, bleak house with his three sisters. Their hatred, their dominance of her husband, his petulance and forced her, eventually, to leave. There she meets again a man she had known in the war, and her confidence is restored. Well-handled, even in its extremes; good sense of atmosphere and well-sustained friction. A psychological novel for women primarily.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1940
Publisher: Greystone