NINJI'S MAGIC by Elisabeth MacIntyre
Kirkus Star


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KIRKUS REVIEW compounded of quinine and a cassowary claw--white man's knowledge and old superstition--in this very likable story of a boy in a New Guinea village. Youngsters will smile at Ninji's efforts to invoke magic in order to be readmitted to the local school; they will sympathize with him when he finds himself suffocated by his first pair of pajamas in the white man's hospital where he is tending his baby brother, Wau; and they will share his satisfaction when he returns home, little Wau well on his arm, an umbrella for his grandfather over his shoulder, and a letter of commendation for the schoolmaster in his pocket. The message is modulated and the local details are in the background. Ninji is front and center, as likable as the story; he'll be equally welcome in the classroom and the living room.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Knopf