THE HOUSE IN PARIS by Elizabeth Bowen


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Psychological novel with something of Evelyn Scott's ability to create suspense out of place. There's a haunting fascination about it, that lays hold of the readers -- and that carries one back to now one part, now another, in retrospect. One feels overpowering curiosity from the moment the two children meet --and the recreation of the past is convincingly and beautifully handled, with no sense of anticlimax such as often attends the precarious balancing of a story within a story. A big step in technique and handling over her previous novels. The jacket is somewhat misleading, it seems to me; it would lead one to expect a somewhat frivolous, flippant story, rather than the strange blend of tragedy and humor which it is. Just a passing suggestion of the Lesbian theme, this time; unimportant.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1936
ISBN: 0385721250
Publisher: Knopf