THE MOUSE WITH RED EYES by Elizabeth Eastman


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A psychological thriller- net to be pigeon-holed as a murder-mystery- this might be defined as a Rogue Male in reverse, in which the hunter is unconscious of her rols, the hunted ever-fearful of her as suspecting him. A prologue presents as almost perfect murder- but the killer thinks he has been identified, and the story turns into the strange life of a fugitive, self-defined.... Young Alexandra is virtually picked up by a man in the subway; she watches her sister, her brother- in-law, her niece succumb to his charm, while she herself is aloof. Then an accident to her niece -- suspicion of her sister's interest in the man- and other things combine to make Alexandra doubt her own sanity, and drive her to her home in Vermont. While the killer, driven, by his own fears, reveals his past crime, his present criminal intensions. Common-place settings and characters for an egomaniac's compulsion to dominate, and a sensitive girl's ability to force his hand. Plus sale for mystery fans.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1948
Publisher: Farrar, Straus