SAWDUST IN HIS SHOES by Eloise Jarvis McGraw


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A melodramatic, often sentimental and implausible yarn of a boy equestriene with circus in his blood, has enough of the old tricks to keep any young person engrossed. Joe Lang, a black-haired gypsy of a boy, forced from circus life by the death of his father and taken to an Industrial School, has the dark brooding appeal of a superior being from a remote, romantic world confined to an unsympathetic grey one. Escaping from the school, Joe is taken in by a saintly farm family who make him one of them by gradually overcoming his fear and distrust of non-circus people. It is unfortunate that Joe's ""humanizing"" is the result of physical ability (he saves a life, has a highly successful fist fight and does some trick riding at the right time), but this is a good hearty, full-blooded yarn, appealing to both boys and girls. Dashing Pers Crowell decorations and jacket.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1950
Publisher: Coward, McCann