YANKEE STRANGER by Elswyth Thane
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Tabitha Day, heroine of Dawn's Early Light, reappears on her 95th birthday, an altogether delectable and beguiling grandmother and great grandmother. The period is , spanning the Civil War; the setting is largely Williamsburg and Richmond, and the battlefields of the Tidewater area. The Spragues and the Days have again intermarried, and one tragedy comes out of it when young Sue and her double first cousin are forbidden permission to marry. But the story is primarily that of Cabot Murray, ""Yankee stranger"", journalist, war correspondent on the wrong side, and Eden -- of love at first sight, tted by Gram, matriarch of the clans. Eden can forgive his profession, accept his place of birth, but when she finds him seting as a ""spy"", she tries to wipe out her love. But in vein -- and Cabot wins through. Delightfully drawn picture of civilian life behind the front -- not too prettified. Pleasant entertainment.

ISBN: 1568492294
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce