THE TIGERS OF COMO ZOO by Elythe Records Warner
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Como Zoo, St. Paul, Minnesota was the address of three rare Siberian tiger cubs who had survived birth when their brothers had not. Comprehending this portentous event, the zoo keepers removed Kubla. Ghengis and Khan to incubators and patiently fed them a special formula each day recording any growth changes in the zoo's Tiger Book. Like hovering parents, they noted the loss and then replacement of fur, the peculiar habits of their charges, their behavior in the den when placed in view of other animals and human onlookers Ghengis and Khan are eventually transported to other zoos, and we follow Kubla's transition into adulthood in the same meticulous fashion. Animal enthusiasts, especially those who have nurtured pets of their own, are sure to find appeal in this factual developmental record of man's role in sustaining the lives of one of nature's strongest beasts.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Viking