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Again Francie, the confused yet gay and spunky heroine of Francie (1951 p.187) who found herself at temporary odds with life in an English boarding school, is abroad and learning, this time in Portugal. Knowing the eighteen year old mind, as well as the Portuguese, and the knack of writing in the quasi-sophisticated idiom popular with the teens have enabled Miss Hahn to turn out something that's ""right on"". Near Lisbon where Francie has come to be for a year with her arthritic Aunt Lolly, she has her adventures, all of them absorbing, and her troubles with the customs of a strict country, with boys, with her impulsive wish to be a painter. Through the da Souzas, who befriend her, she enters a famous art school. Her friendships, with Ruy da Souza, and with Mark, an English boy, both provide unwelcome warnings not to disturb the populace too much by being too independent. Then when she runs off to Barcelona with Catarina, a disturbed, over-dramatic art student, her revolt is eye-opening and a calmer Francie is reconciled to return to New York and start her career as a designer. Not too deep but the Water's fine.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1953
Publisher: Watts