EMMANUELLE II by Emmanuelle Arsan


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A fitting companion to the films of Eric Rohmer, for who else but a Frenchman would bother to encase a porno novel betwixt dialectics worthy of Pascal? Only Paradise is obtained not on heaven but on earth, and freedom is perversely and sexistly (though not unexpectedly) defined as a categorical imperative of a female Open Door Policy: All Comers Welcome, the More the Merrier. . . . Nineteen year old Emmanuelle advances in appropriately exotic and named Bangkok (get it?) from wife to mistress to whore with an appropriate set of variously aged and sexed partners of voracious appetites, members, and orgasmic possibilities. All this under the tutorial eye of the homosexual didactic Mario and the approving eye of her husband Jean -- for of course, women's main power is in allowing men to dispose of their bodies -- sort of like emptying out the garbage. The erotic bits are probably more piquant for the pseudophilosophy surrounding them, which is just as well, for when you get down to the nitty, there isn't much gritty. No s & m, water sports or interspecies loving. Marilyn Chambers, where are you?

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1974
Publisher: Grove