THE DOLL WHO CAME ALIVE by Enys Tregarthen
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Nora Unwin has done the illustrations for this enchanting story which has only recently come to light and which has been edited by Elizabeth Yates. There have been few so appealing as the crippled Miss Tregarthen with her love for the old Cornish legends, her cheerfulness, and her understanding of the fey. I wish that I had a little girl to try this on, it would be so pleasant to watch her reactions and such fun to read aloud. Jyd was a poor little lonely child brought up by a careless cruel aunt. One day a jovial understanding sailor gave her a clean Dutch doll whom she promised to ""love and love until she was alive"". Because of her warm heart her promise comes true and at last the little girl has a companion with whom she eventually goes off to the land of the Good People. This story should be loved for generations to come.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1942
Publisher: John Day