THE UNITY OF ALL LIFE by Eric Butterworth


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No one who listens much to the radio, particularly in the early morning hours, can have failed to hear Mr. Butterworth expound, at ten-minute intervals, his philosophy of the ""unity of life"" and of ""the unity way"" -- which represents an attempt to interpret, with Pealean positive-thinking overtones, reality without the terminology of traditional theology."" This book, comprising some twenty-five chapter-sermonettes in the same vein, has an identical purpose' to put the reader in touch with reality, and to have him order his life in accordance with that reality so as to attain happiness, success, etc.. The idea, of course, is as old as philosophy itself; and, in this instance, if one agrees with Mr. Butterworth's concept of reality, the concept of the ""unity of all life"" has validity. It is a pity, though, that one has to wade through so many pages of old-fashioned sermonizing, clumsy prose, out-of-context illustrations from literature and pseudo-psychological cliches in order to perceive that validity. It is on open question whether the ""terminology of traditional theology"" would not be clearer, and therefore preferable.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1969
Publisher: Harper & Row