WE SURVIVED by Eric H. Boehm


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Sub-titled ""The Stories of Fourteen of the Hidden and the Hunted of Nazi Germany"", these accounts include not only victims but also political, moral or religious opponents of this regime and provide a substantial amount of tension as well as the expected tragedy of lives of evasion and within concentration camps. There was the novelist-playwright who was harbored and hidden for two years by a younger Gentile friend; Herbert Kosner, one of the July conspiracy against Hitler; Erich Hopp and his family who avoided arrest and became ""illegals""; the crippled Polish tailor whose son was taken; the Countess who had an underground railway for Jews; a Protestant clergyman and the great spiritual leader of German Judaism, Leo Baeck, whose name is now universally revered....The narratives here hold an intensely dramatic as well as documentary value but the reading public, for this type of material, has never been overly receptive.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1949
Publisher: Yale