THE GEMINI PLOT by Eric J. Collenette


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Two-fisted, manly-but-fair action and boldly clever stratagems abound as a handful of His Majesty's submariners take on the Nazis above and below the surface of the Mediterranean. Chief Petty Officer Ben Grant, that modest, resourceful, and most reluctant hero last seen bobbing from the sea bed in Ninety Feet to the Sun (1986), is ready for a bit of easy and well-earned duty, but the Admiralty can't spare him. So, after some lightning-fast sex in a pub, it's off to the Med in H. M.S. Avon, a submarine packed with tank parts for the beleaguered British forces at Tobruk. It's a rough trip for Grant. Plagued with nightmares about his last adventures, he's also got to cope with a jealous shipmate and the suicide of a love-crazed newly-wed seaman. Barely flowing down to knock off a task force of Italian subhunters, Avon steams through to Tobruk only to find that there are no takers for the load of tank parts. So it's off to Malta for more lightning-fast sex and, after a rousing set-to with the jealous Chief Briarley, assignment to Gemini, a secret project to blow up Nazi submarines in Greece. Teamed with the marine he cuckolded back in Portsmouth, as well as with his old peacetime skipper, a Cambridge-educated Greek freedom fighter, and a couple of mates from Avon, Grant plays a lead role in the spectacular destruction of a Nazi sub-base. Preposterous but satisfying.

Pub Date: Dec. 18th, 1986
Publisher: Walker