THIS ABOVE ALL by Eric Knight
Kirkus Star


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I was almost afraid to read this book -- heralded by the publishers as ""the first great novel of the war"". But it is, in my opinion, a much better book than I dared expect. Yes, it is about the war, but first and last it is a great love story, a great adventure in thinking things through. A soldier, veteran of the escape from Dunkirk, discharged on leave after hospitalization, meets a girl, in uniform of the W.A.A.F's -- and they break through the barriers of tradition and caste to find a common meeting ground, and to learn, through each other's eyes, to understand what both are standing for. The comparison with A Farewell to Arms is justified in the poignancy of the experience of the books faintly, perhaps, in the outline of plot. But it needs no linking with any other book, for it stands firmly on its own force and quality. It is a cross section of England, under fire; it gives one a deep conviction of something more to be won than the shell of the old England. Eric Knight has grown with each succeeding book; this is the finest thing he has done. Publishers backing with extensive advertising and promotion campaign. The biggest book of the new year, to date. Don't be afraid to plunge.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1941
Publisher: Harper