THE MOUNTAIN FARM by Ernest Raymond


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Mr. Raymond is not so Delderfieldian this time, and far more rural as he shambles through the craggy mountain and fell Cumberland country with all the gentle amiability of a sheep dog. Except for the doctor who drops Latin phrases, most everyone speaks in the native brogue, particularly the farmer Harry Winlaker now forced to take in ""tourists"" -- namely the young men who come to this part of the world to climb. Among them is Norry, from Grosvenor Square, who falls in love with the farmer's daughter Greta -- she will lose him on one of those Very Impossible Severe ascents. The ""Oh, my dearest"" and ""You greatly, greatly adorable thing"" romance has seen better days and this is primarily for those looking for something peaceful to read in what Mr. Raymond calls ""the fullness of years.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1973
Publisher: Saturday Review Press