RINGS AROUND US by Ernestlne Gilbreth Carey


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Further chronicles of family life report on Ernestine (Cheaper By The Dozen) Gilbreth and her own life as wife and mother. Department store work, after Smith College, living in Greenwich Village, and there was Charles Carey, just the right man to marry, even in 1930. The wedding was not quite as efficient as Gilbreth living had been (Chick's pants were among the late arrivals) and domesticity, particularly meals (of which Chick was very fond), did not come naturally; seven moves in seven years resulted in a home on Long Island where Ernie took time off to have Jill. After a succession of nurses and assorted other help, back in the city, until a young son sent them again to the Island, there to discover the blessedness of neighbors, room, a car (this a doubtful Joy) and the mixture of emotion's attendant on their children growing up. A record of the inevitables of marriage, of its sensitive areas as well as its hilarious ones, this maintains a light, wifely hold on household headaches and high spots. Mettlesome.

Publisher: Little, Brown