OUT OF REVOLUTION: The Autobiography of Western Man by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
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OUT OF REVOLUTION: The Autobiography of Western Man

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A scholar of international fame, former lecturer at Leipzig and Oxford, and now at Dartmouth presents here a book of facts, a book of faith, a book of force, written with a great sweep of beauty and emotional depth. At times his underlying thought seems too profound for immediate grasp, but ultimately the clarity of his idea emerges. His central thesis is that unity in human nature is revealed through successive revolutions, each one contributing to the mental processes of man. He starts his ""autobiography of man"" with the Russian Revolution and works back nine hundred years, through the French, English, German and American Revolutions, through the struggle of the church everywhere. He brings a sense of wonder and peace and comprehension to the force of Revolution. ""Nations like all life, are only possible as long as they are in the making, as long as pioneers, geniuses, great and small individuals are making their contribution, not with any national aim, but with one far beyond earthly ambition."" An exciting and arresting book. For the market of Mind in the Making, etc.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1938
Publisher: Morrow