FLOSSIE AND BOSSIE by Eva Le Gallienne
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This has a chance for the market that liked Rabbit Hill -- for many who liked Stuart Little -- and proves again that an artist gifted in one direction can turn her talents in quite another. One of America's fine actresses and producers has written a story that a veteran author might have written. It is the beguiling story of two bantam hens, as different in personality as two human beings might be. Barnyard drama, witty, perceptive, with the thread of story kept in the claws of the bantams, and the human beings known as ""the hands"". How fate turned the hens' dislike and suspicion into friendship, how they used different means to achieve their goals, how they brought up their ""children"" properly, makes an amusing tale for children, while adults will get the undercurrent of analogies drawn between the chicken yard and a human community.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Harper