THE DOLL'S HOUSE by Evelyn Anthony


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Again, Anthony (The Relic, 1991, etc. etc.) melds romantic suspense and espionage thrills for a spirited diversion--this time involving a love affair that bobs crazily around a plot to rub out an Arab prince. Rosa Bennett, 30-ish, has just been dumped by a whiny husband who, among other things, did not approve of her burgeoning career in the Foreign Office. Meanwhile, there's been another dumping of the loyal and devoted--in this case, that of the brilliant English ex-spy Harry Oakham, 52, who boils with resentment at the farewell pat-on-the-back and the tiny pension. And so Harry--who has counterparts who've labored for their respective governments, which are also not sufficiently grateful for services rendered--decides to utilize his deadly skills and set up his own operation. He begins by establishing a base-camp at a lovely old hotel in the country, the ""Doll's House Manor."" To the hotel arrive: his dear and cherished Polish friend Jan, whom Harry once rehabilitated after Jan suffered near-fatal torture; a German sadist, expert in ""interrogation""; a Russian tactician; a Jewish terrorist; a beautiful killer, blond and lethal; and subsidiary hoods. Their first lucrative job is to assassinate a Saudi prince in his London digs. As the project hums along, into the hotel also comes Rosa--recruited on her first spy mission to check on Harry. They fall in love, of course, mightily and heavily. Then, during a night and day of their lovemaking idyll, a car loaded with super killers is on its way to a London hotel.... Seamlessly styled entertainment--with tight action and a wry, ironic close.

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 1992
Page count: 288pp
Publisher: HarperCollins