A PARENT'S GUIDE TO MORE NEW MATH: Slide Rules and Peanut Butter by Evelyn Sharp

A PARENT'S GUIDE TO MORE NEW MATH: Slide Rules and Peanut Butter

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If it unnerves you to think of a room full of gradeschool children equipped with slide rules (and probably lubricating them with peanut butter)""-- one thing you can do is pick up a book like this, which patiently teaches the determined and intelligent adult what it is all about. The first thing to ask of these books (and there are going to be about four more this season) is whether they give the answers to any problems posed. This does. The author wastes no time arguing or persuading the recalcitrant parent into accepting the changes in terminology or teaching methods. After outlining the brief but revolutionary history of the new math in elementary and secondary curriculums, she gets down to the facts of the change: Relations and Functions, Graphs, Logic, Some Number Theory, Statistics, An Introduction to Game Theory and Vectors. Teachers getting their math methods and attitudes re-treated will find the book helpful for its information on how these concepts are being experimently used in classrooms. And parents? It's hard to say, but if nothing else is accomplished by their trip through the text, old finger counters should arrive at a new respect for their children's capacity to learn and use the new math.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1966
Publisher: Dutton