NEFERTITI by Evelyn Wells


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A careful if suppositional reconstruction of the life and times of Nefertiti, the mysterious and beautiful queen of Akhenaton, draws on the finds at Amarna in particular to bring us a past era. How Nefertiti and Akhenaton would have grown up in the royal city of Thebes, how, married teenagers, they would have taken on the rule of the Egyptian empire, who advised them and who later conspired against them are all considered. Akhenaton's break with Amon and turning to monotheism with Aton, the sun, as his deity, and his subsequent removal from Thebes to build a city of the sun, Amarna, is convincingly told. The traces of tragedy in his failure to bulwark Egypt and protect her from inner and outer (the Hittites) enemies, resulting in the loss of empire, are noted but not deeply probed. Indeed this treatment is the key to what is essentially a popular approach.

Publisher: Doubleday